Sunday May 4th 2008 - Horsham Folk Club
The Richwoods made their debut live appearance at Horsham Folk Club on Sunday May 4th 2008. Simon Drew of smallfry shorts was there to film the event which you can enjoy by clicking here

Tuesday 13th May 2008 - Round Georges, Brighton
Tracey, Dan and Dave bashed out some ukulele instrumentals forthe regualrs at the Round Georges weekly folk gathering.

Tuesday 10th June 2008 - The Old Explorer, London W1
A fantastic bash celebrating Howlin' Wolf's 98th birthday. A collectiveglass was also raised to the memory of the recently departed Bo Diddley.

Saturday 14th June 2008 - Dan and Ruth's Musical Barbecue
Not strictly a gig, and Tracey was otherwise engaged in Dublin, but we had such a good time that it's worth mentioning.

Dan and his wife Ruth arranged a musical barbecue in their back garden. In other words, guests bought along their musical instruments and we all had a good strum and warble. Dan and Dave got up and did George Formby Hootenanny. Here's a photograph from the event. Dan's the one in the hat. Dave isn't.

19th July, 2008: The Prince Albert, Brighton with Los Fantasticos and The Flaming Czars.
This time Dave wasn't there, so Dan and Tracey plucked a few numbers.

12th August, 2008: Fishguard Folk Club, Royal Oak, Fishguard, Wales
Dan and Dave happened to be on holiday in Wales at the same time with their respective families and took the opportunity to nip over to Fishguard Folk Club one evening. As well as enjoying the moment when the entire pub fell silent when they started playing (due to the unamplified sounds of the ukes rather than shocked admiration at the skill with which they were being played), Dan and Dave also witnessed a very rousing version of What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor along with some fine Irish fiddle music. A fantastic evening out.

20th September, 2008: Oxford House, Bethnal Green, London
The Richwoods, along with Don Tempi and The Flaming Czars and a few others, played a fundraising event in aid of Red Cross at Oxford House in London’s beautiful Bethnal Green. The London Borough of Tower Hamlets was the backdrop to a great evening’s entertainment. The Richwoods started off the proceedings with a storming 15 minute set. The crowd whooped and clapped enthusiastically. No one danced, though. Spoilsports.

Here are some fine photos of the event, taken by Fleur Neale.
28th November, 2008: Scaledown @ The King & Queen, 1 Foley Street,London

This was a cracking gig in front of an enthusiastic audience, with all five members of The Richwoods taking to the stage. Click here to listen to the entire gig, intros and all.

Click here for some information on Scaledown and related events.

15th December, 2008: The MCPS / PRS Xmas Gig, London W1
Another great evening, helped along by some free drink. Another one featuring all five of The Richwoods and a slightly cocked up version of We Wish You A Merry Christmas.

Pam'la Motown filmed some of the gig, so:

Click here for a performance of Uke Crazy Mother.

Click here for a performance of Dave Brubeck

and click here for a performance of Bag Of Hats

Here's a selection of photos from the evening, taken by Sam Feeney.

The Richwoods - left to right:

Dan, Tracey, Dave, Danny and Clive

The enthralled crowd

Dave, Danny and Clive engage in some hilarious banter

The Richwoods en masse

The Richwoods en masse again (photo by Pam'la Motown)

30th December, 2008: Round Georges, Brighton, East Sussex.

Just Dan and Dave for a relaxed post-Christmas. The set was so well received that The Richwoods have been invited back to play an extended set in on March 3rd.

Fri 6th Feb: Hove Folk Club

Run by the legendary Robb Johnson, Hove Folk Club takes place on the first Friday of every month at the Eclipse pub in Montgomery Street, Hove. For more information on the club and the venue, click here.

The gig itself was an absolute corker, which we did as a duo (Dan and Dave again). See below for some snaps, taken by Simon Drew.

If those whet your appetite, click here for some more photos from the evening, including some snaps of Robb Johnson, taken by Dave.

Tues 3rd March: Round Georges
14-15 Sutherland Rd Brighton, BN2 0EQ

Two sets of short, sharp ukulele instrumentals from all three of us this time, featuring the first live airings of Pocketful of Stones, Crikey and 1 Minute 33 And Counting.

Saturday 28th March : Komedia, Brighton

The Richwoods (Dan and Dave in this case) took to the big stage of the Komedia to ply their ukulele instrumental trade to a small crowd of enthusiastic people. It was indeed a hoot. Also on the bill were some pole-dancing air hostesses, which Dan and Dave missed due to talking to the organiser about children's party entertainers.

Tuesday 31st March : 6Bells Folk and Blues Club, Chiddingly. Another Tracey-less set in this excellent long established club, in a fantastic pub in the absolute arse end of nowhere.

Friday 1st May: Hove Folk Club, The Eclipse PH, Montgomery Street, Hove The Richwoods returned as a threesome to Robb Johnson's excellent once a monther. Main act was Roger Watson.

Tuesday 20th October : The Woolpack, Burgess Hill, West Sussex

Dan and Geoff Graham (Dan's cohort in The Flaming Czars) are dabbling in running their own folk night and this was the inaugural meeting. A bunch of musicians gathered round a table near the fireplace in The Woolpack in Burgess Hill and a very entertaining evening it was too. It was also Dave's birthday, so there was a double celebration going on. Dave bought along his newly acquired (he'd got it that day) Kala Archtop tenor ukulele and put it through its paces. Tracey wasn't there, unfortunately. A cracking night of music, a great atmosphere (apart from a near bar room brawl which, thankfully, was nothing to do with any of the musicians) and a real mix of musicians. From The Richwoods' short sharp ukulele instrumentals to The Flaming Czars' East European folk on accordion and guitar, via John Zonn's witty and almost impossible to describe act which involved some simultaneous translations of lyrics in French and Spanish, it was a great evening. Long may the folk night at the Woolpack continue.